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Why DZeta consulting?

We stand at the side of the companies for their business growth in foreign markets, offering a focused, efficient and concrete support. Our mission is providing consultancy and services to companies through a Temporary Management activity in order to guarantee integrated and flexible solutions to business needs.
DZeta Consulting stems from many years’ experience of Denise Zucco, who has already worked for years in sectors of intenationalization, logistcs, export, including by means of franchising companies.
Denise Zucco
Denise Zucco
The subject of companies’ international competitivity is extremely topical, especially in the light of the recent changes of global economy.
The growing competitive constraints derived from emergent countries rise new challenges and encourage the small and medium-sized companies the search for new ways of international development..

To whom we appeal?

  • FOOD Franchising companies

  • Food and Non Food companies with internationalization or logistics improvement and development targets

The ability to organize a distribution logistics/chain and export procedures, giving to customers the best delivery service, is essential in order to develop foreign markets, where good image, professionalism and credibility play a basic role in terms of competitivity and customer loyalty.