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In Italy the tax burden makes tough for companies to tap into job market, therefore there is a tendency to use temporary profiles, that can develop business activities for a period of time, without a permanent binding contract.

Although the temporary jobs could seem to involve only the job-pyramid lower levels, in reality the management can have limited duration: this function is already included in most recruitment classifications.

For a smal-medium-sized company, the Temporary Manager can be the solution to start a project that requires specific competences, without the necessity to hire new management; the Temporary Manager will take up the position and will be temporary integrated in the company with fixed-term contract and defined role.

The Temporary Manager can be defined as a separated company, but it will also be held to account to developer company, within the limits of the temporary management contract.

As part of internationalization business projects and export development, the Temporary Project Manager deals with evaluation, planning, achievement and control of objectives.

  • Company strenghts and weaknesses analysis, international opportunities and dangers.
  • International destinations selection
  • Indications on strategies
  • Countries macroeconomic variables study (poulation, GDP growth, opennes to Made in Italy)
  • Products’ trade flows (main importers, purchasing average price, import trend…)
  • Web flows (most active countries in product reserach)
  • Barriers to entry (geographical distance, import and custom duties, country risk, shipment costs and modalities).
  • Company structure and international experience
  • Establishes purchasing procedures and goods/raw materials incoming, as well as product shipment and distribution, in conformity with current rules (food, controlled temperature, frozen, cold chain).
  • Establishes technical resources needed for a correct goods distribution (incoming, outcoming) selecting the logistics operators and evaluating appropriate shipment services.
  • Stipualtes contracts/agreements with forwarding agencies on costs and modalities of incoming and outcoming goods handling.
  • Evaluates all the possibilities to reduce shipment risks
  • Evaluates different solutions and advantages of logistics services outsourcing
  • Defines procedures and verifies all shipping documentation for a correct export procedure (custom documentation, sanitary/veterinary certificates, FDA, B/L, AWB, credit letters).
  • Supports commercial management in strategies and selling policies
  • Cooperates and defines prices policy and promotional activities
  • Directly deals with some customers and defines the contractual aspects in cooperation with management
  • Deals with complex negotiations
  • Responsible for export budget defined by the management
  • Identifies markets with higher potential and finds potential customers
  • Helps and supports the companies in the presentation of their offer
  • Manages on an on going basis the operative relation with customers and organizes possible visits and meetings.
  • Manages the follow-up
  • Collects technical information and regulations on international markets
  • Organizes and takes part to focused events (exhibitions, seminars, workshops)
  • Builds up CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in order to improve the relations with contacts, customers and potential opportunities.
  • Trains and complements company staff